Aching Feet and Legs

Foot massage

Adults often complain of aching legs in the absence of varicose veins or vascular deterioration.

Some people’s legs have ached for so long they consider it a normal part of their day, while shopping or mowing the lawn, or standing at work.

Others may have changed their lifestyle or routine, contributing to a specific muscle overuse syndrome.

Most commonly people have aching calves or lower legs, referred to as shin splints, they can also experience pain in their thigh or groin.

At Complete Feet Podiatry we assess the biomechanical, vascular, muscular, lifestyle and footwear contributions to aching legs, in order to prescribe treatment to solve this potentially debilitating problem.

Children complain of aching legs in bed at night, they will typically like their legs to be rubbed for relief, some will come off the field crying as the pain can be considerable.

These pains are often referred to as "growing pains" when they are simply muscle strain associated with malalignement and poorly behaving feet and legs such a knock knees, bowed legs and flat feet etc.

This pain responds almost immediately to orthotic treatment and allows the child to participate in normal sporting activities.