Bunions, Crooked Toes, Corns and Calluses


It is true that binding feet as was done many years ago by Chinese did deform developing feet.

It usually comes as a surprise to most people to note that most crooked toes and bunions are rarely the result of bad footwear. There are large inherited tendencies for deformed feet, however many of these foot deformities can be prevented today and the Podiatrist will be able to tell you how.

Most people today have such a huge choice of footwear and although we see the film stars in wickedly high heels and pointy toed shoes these are usually not worn on a day to day basis, but for show.

Yes they do look amazing, but if you read magazines in waiting rooms, you will see these same stars in their smart clothes often wearing runners or much more conservative footwear.

The truth is that most crooked toes and bunions are the result of poor foot function, often as a result of inherited foot types.

Bunions are largely caused by disadvantaged muscle groups and by repeated trauma to the joint during weight bearing or by inherited foot types.

There are many things and combinations of conditions that affect foot function, our Podiatrists will be able to diagnose and treat these conditions.

How to treat corns, calluses and bunions

First see our podiatrist to see if you really do have a corn, callous or bunion.

The podiatrist will diagnose and treat by painlessly removing the corn or callous and advise you how to prevent a recurrence.

Commercial corn cures and other gimmicks can be dangerous, see our podiatrist first.

Do NOT use home treatments if you are diabetic or have any vascular conditions.