Diabetes, Vascular Conditions and Peripheral Neuropathy

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Diabetes affects the peripheral nervous system and blood vessels resulting in peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling), loss of vascular integrity or poor circulation, and inability to fight infection.

Contrary to most perception small injuries e.g., blisters, nicking a toe while cutting nails, heel fissures or cracks, splinters, bites etc and home treatments are more likely to become infected and lead to loss of limb than more dramatic accidents. In fact in 2011 close to 4300 Australians with diabetes will suffer a lower limb amputation.

Regular care and advice from our podiatrists can teach you how to look after your feet and prevent infection. It is imperative that diabetic patients remain mobile and can walk free of pain. Walking increases circulation and improves general health. The podiatrist can inform you about what footwear is most suitable and prescribe the appropriate orthotic device if necessary.