Hip Pain

hip pain and back ache

The foot, knee and hip work as one unit. Therefore if any are behaving badly all of them can be affected in some way.

Hip joints are complex ball and socket synovial joints. Due to their wide range of motions and abilities, they require an intricate and complex array of muscles and ligaments to stabilise the joint.

If the feet and legs or, in some cases, the back are not working in correct postural and biomechanical positions, then the pelvis may alter from a stable position, placing excessive and abnormal forces on the hips. Thus, injury may occur when a hip joint attempts to compensate for poorly functioning legs and problem backs.

Unfortunately we only get two hips, one for each step. If the hip joint or surrounding structures are injured, then improving their function is essential to their longevity. If incorrect weight bearing or poor posture develops, then repetitive trauma to the joint and surrounding tissues will ensue e.g. osteoarthritis.

While alleviating nerve complaints such as sciatica is common, we place particular emphasis on preventative medicine to ensure best hip function and stabilisation of arthritic instability.