Sports Injuries

sports injuries

Rehabilitation of sporting accidents to knees and feet can be helped with appropriate exercises strapping and treatment by our podiatrists.
Repetitive sports injuries such as ankle sprains, shin splints plantar fasciitis, achilles tendon pain or heel spurs, knee, hip, low back and groin pain are often due to unstable feet, in these instances prescription orthoses and exercises may be used in rehabilitation to speed recovery and prevent future injury. Footwear advice is particularly important in these patients.

Children's bones are quite different to those of adults and they often experience pain in areas of their growth plates due to unstable feet and excessive activity. If they are experiencing heel pain, hip and knee or low back pain it is most important that they see our experienced podiatrists to investigate the injury and the cause of it. The child may be treated or referred on for more investigation to his or her family doctor or the appropriate specialist if necessary.