To work normally the foot and leg must have particular ranges of movement and sit in proper alignment to the rest of the body so that weight is transferred in a particular way through the weight bearing foot.  If this does not happen the body is forced to accommodate these abnormalities by making compensatory movements.  These movements create abnormal forces through the feet and legs causing pain.  Just as glasses are used for eyes, prescription orthoses are used to help feet perform better, reducing trauma and pain.

Orthotics may be used in the following cases:

  • Painful feet, ankles and knees
  • Sports injuries
  • Management of chronic and repetitive stress injuries
  • Inherited abnormalities
  • Industrial and other accidents
  • Arthritic feet
  • Limb length discrepancies
  • In treating diabetic feet to treat or prevent ulcers
  • To prevent and manage deformities

There are many different kinds of orthotics and our podiatrists are able to prescribe the type of orthotic that will be the most effective for your problem.  At Complete Feet Podiatry we are in the fortunate position to have a large orthotic laboratory on site.  This enables us to prescribe, design, mill and dispense our custom devices in house.  Another advantage of having our own orthotic lab is we are able to repair, recover and repost in our workshop with an efficient, cost effective turn around.

If you feel your orthotic devices are wearing out, come and visit our clinic so we can assess, repair, modify or remake a device to suit your needs.

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