Children’s feet and legs develop and change with age as a normal part of growth and development so it may be tricky deciding when it is appropriate for them to be assessed.  Pain, limping, tripping, not keeping up with their peers are all good examples of an appropriate reason to bring children in for podiatric assessment. 

At Complete Feet Podiatry we are well aware that children’s feet and legs are constantly developing and changing as a normal part of growth.  There are milestones and expected ranges of normal development against which we assess our paediatric patients.  As part of our assessment we will assess a child’s signs and symptoms, their family history and their individual development and activity levels when developing a treatment plan.  Often this may be as simple as parent and patient education to conservative intervention.

If you are concerned about your child’s lower limb development or if they are complaining sore aching legs, please feel free to book an appointment with the team at Complete Feet Podiatry.

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