The Achilles tendon attaches your calf muscles to the back of your heel bone. It assists the calf muscles to enable you to run, walk, jump and stand on the balls of your feet.

Repetitive loads and intense physical activity, such as running and jumping, can cause the tendon to become irritated and painful. This may lead to degradation and inflammation. Biomechanical factors may also lead to Achilles tendinitis.

Pain associated with Achilles tendinitis typically occurs above the heel bone and may begin as a mild ache or twinge, particularly after running or other propulsive sports. Episodes of more-severe pain are generally more chronic and sustained after running, stair climbing or sprinting. You might also experience tenderness or stiffness, especially in the morning, which usually improves with mild activity.

If you experience persistent pain around the Achilles tendon or you are concerned your foot structure may be contributing to your Achilles tendinitis please contact our clinic for an assessment appointment with one of our musculoskeletal and sports podiatrists.

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