Ingrown toenails are a very common foot complaint. Ingrown toenails are painful and debilitating and can lead to more serious medical problems if left untreated.


They are seen mainly on the big toe but can occur on any toe. Often the nail is inflamed and sore to touch and one or both sides of the nail can be affected. There may be hyper granulation or “proud” flesh present making the skin bleed easily. The nail may be infected, but not necessarily.

The most common cause is poor nail cutting, picking the nail or breaking it off, leaving a rough piece or a small sliver of nail behind and this eventually pierces the flesh and becomes painful and often infected. Other possible causes include hereditary nail shape, injury or trauma, disease, infection, footwear and mechanical pressure from ill-fitting shoes.

Should your ingrown toenail be more serious, we are fully equipped to surgically remove the offending section of nail painlessly under local anaesthetic with minimal trauma and a pleasing cosmetic result.

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